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This is your Product Page. It's a great opportunity for us to introduce our main product lines to our visitors so that you can learn and understand what our factory can produce. Within our more than half a century history and expertise, we have indeed a lot more different bags and products for you to choose and order. If you want to get more information and have any questions about our product and what we can do for you, you are welcome to contact us by contacting us directly too.



Retail Shopping Bag

We have more than 50+ years of history and expertise (established since 1966) in manufacturing all kinds of plastic shopping bag for all kinds of retailers, department stores, boutique shops, restaurants, food and beverage stores  . . . etc. all over the world.


Standard Poly Mailer Bag

With more and more companies moving and expanding their sales from offline to online, we have provided with our partners and trusted customers with quality and durable poly mailer and plastic shipping bag for decades.

Black Mailer with White Printing Poly Mailer Bag.jpg
Poly Bubble Mailers Stripe Padded Envelopes Blue.jpg


Bubble Padded Envelope

Looking for a stronger protection for shipping your merchandise? Then you should go for the option of bubble padded envelope which are featured with air-tight bubble cushion to withstand pressure and brute force.


Supermarket T-Shirt Bag

This is one of the most commonly used plastic bag. They are usually used in supermarket, grocery store and dollar store because they are relatively cheap in production cost and have the strength and side gussets for packing and holding more heavier, numerous and larger items inside.

Supermarket T-Shirt Poly Shopping Bag.jpg
Die Cut Plastic Bag  9841.jpg


Die Cut Shopping Bag

Die Cut Plastic Shopping Bag, also commonly called Punch Hole Handle Shopping Bag, is a popularly used bag for retail store too. It is good for storing and packing merchandise. It does not look too cheapy and low-end like T-Shirt Bag but their production cost is not high at the same time.


Soft Loop Handle Shopping Bag

Soft Loop Handle Plastic Shopping Bag is a higher price option due to the fact that they look more high-end and the soft loop handle is made manually by high-skilled labor. But this kind of bag is a recommended choice to show off and upgrade your brand image by imprinting them with high quality graphics to draw attention.

Soft Loop Handle Poly Shopping Bag.jpg
Rigid Loop Clip Handle Plastic Shopping Bag.jpg


Rigid Loop Handle Shopping Bag

Rigid Loop Handle Plastic Shopping Bag is also a high price point option. Their loop handle is made with 3D die cut molding equipment and it is assembled manually too. These two factors certain will result in higher cost. However, this type of bag look more high-end and is best for packing high price and branded product.


Draw String Shopping Bag

Draw String Handle Shopping Bag is also sometimes called drawstring handle plastic shopping bag or cotton string handle shopping bag. As per the name you will know that the handle is made of cotton or other similar material like PP string. The production cost of this type of bag will be almost the highest one among others because of the cost of the string plus the laboring fee for the assembling the loop handle. But it provides the best and most comfortable loop handle so that even it is packed with heavy items inside, it won't cause the buyer much discomfort while carrying it.

Frosted Custom Printed Eurotote Cotton Loop Bag.jpg


Poly Beach Bag with Full Color Printing-

Plastic Beach Bag

Plastic Beach Bag is something also not commonly produced. They are rarely used as shopping bag in retail shop and department store. However, the bag can serve very special purpose in two ways. Firstly, if they are given to customers for packaging the goods, it is a very chic and quality packaging that can enhance your brand image. Secondly, the bag, with its style and design, can be used times and again. Your brand and products can gain more exposure to reach other potential consumers for a long period of time without your spending any extra dollar on advertising. They can be your perfect choice for having them as a giveaway in exhibition, trade show, seminar and conference.


Plastic Backpack Bag

Plastic Backpack Bag is indeed very very similar to the Beach Bag above in design. The only difference is that Backpack Bag is made with two cotton or PP strings on the two sides. They can be worn exactly like the backpack and that is why that are  named after that. The cost of the backpack bag is higher than beach bag and indeed, it is one of the most expensive plastic bag in term of standard cost. But again, they can serve as a very good brand building tool to make your customers to remember your brand and product.

Assorted Shoulder Tote and Backpack Style Plastic Bags.jpg
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