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WristbandBros Poly Mailer Shipping Bag with Strong Adhesive Tape

This is a custom poly mailer, with custom printing of background color in orange and black logo graphics printing in black.

This is a custom printed polymailer shipping bag with very beautiful design and printing graphics.

Style: Poly Mailer, Polymailer, Shipping Bag, Shipment Bag, Courier Bag, Postage Bag

Material: Recycled Low Density Polyethylene / LDPE

Size: 6" width x 9" length + 2" Flap

Thickness: 0.1mm or 4mil

Handle: Double Adhesive Tapes plus easy-tear perforation

Printing: 1 Color 1 Side Printing

The plastic is made very sturdy and durable and you can be ensured that the item(s) inside this plastic shipping bag will be safe.

The background color and the thick material of the bag further making sure the it will not be seen through.

The strong, one-time use adhesive tape, once closed, can't be opened unless one is to tear the plastic sack apart by brute force. This further assure the safety of the goods and privacy of the shipper and recipient.

If you want to make your own custom poly mailer, custom printed polymailer, plastic mailer bag, custom shipping bag, custom courier bag, feel free to contact us here. We can provide free consultation, give free suggestions and advices, quick estimation on production cost and shipment fee.

Further info about: "How to order?" and "How custom packaging can help you grow your business?"

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