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Why You Should Consider Making Your Bag with Gussets? Here are the reasons.

Why are some bags made of gussets? Let's take a look at why they are designed with gusset features:

The first main reason is because the gusset creates more capacity, so it can let the bag carry more items. Making gusseted plastic bags doesn't cost too much more materials, but it can provide more storage space.

The second reason is polyethylene bags with gussets can stand independently. Their bottoms are either strengthened by board or heated sealed. Either ways, when the bag is filled with products, the bag can remain rigid and straight, which is actually a good way to display the graphics, brand and company name.

Thirdly, the gusseted bag will not take up a lot more space. The bag's gusseted part can be easily folded flat when being stored. The bag can then be placed on a shelf or in a box without requiring more space than the standard bag. This means it doesn't need to use extra space to store them.

Furthermore, gusseted plastic bags can be coped with bags of various styles, namely, die-cut punch-hole bags, soft flexi-loop handle bags, and rigid loop handle bags and many more.

Also, gusseted bags can be inserted alongside with a strong cardboard bottom to facilitate the transport of heavier goods and in a steadfast and balanced position. If you want the bag to be able to hold cake, or something that can't afford to lose its balance, a gusseted bag plus cardboard can be a good choice.

Lastly, a gusset feature create the bag into something with 3D surfaces. The bag can be put with more prints in front, back and the two gusseted sides. In short, customer can see the graphics from all the four sides of the bag.

Are you interested in producing your own printed gusseted plastic bags? Please feel free to contact us for consultation and quotes.

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