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Why Buy Bubble Wrapped Poly Mailer for Shipping?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

If your buyer receive a broken good or if they found the shipping sack is being torn off before they open it, no matter if the item(s) inside is/are being damaged or not, it absolutely creates a very bad impression and upsetting buying experience. Of course, if the goods that are being found damaged during the shipping process, it will result in significant financial losses for your business.

First of all, the buyer must return your goods for exchange. Or even worse, they will ask for straight refund and will never buy from you again. It also casts a negative light on a company's reputation and your product's quality, which harms client satisfaction and your brand name.

That is why a bubble wrapped poly mailer can be a good choice. It can be purchased at a discount price here:

All e-businesses have the responsibility to ensure a smooth delivery of their products to the hand of the customer fast and safe. Thereupon, a e-business should utilise the finest packing materials to safeguard its goods while in transit. Below we are going to discuss bubble poly mailers which can maintain the safety, privacy and confidentiality of the package contents.

What are the benefits of using bubble wrapped poly mailers?

Light in weight to save shipping fee

Bubble wrapped poly mailers are lightweight container that are very efficient for transporting small items. The air bubbles padded within offers very comprehensive and excellent protection for fragile items. Since it is lined with bubble patch, it is not very heavy. Using them can give good protection and yet will won't cost the shipper a fortune for shipping cost.

Quality and well-designed packaging impress the buyers

Quality bubble wrapped poly mailers are available in various colours and sizes to accommodate the transportation of a wide range of items and materials. The quality design and bubble padded lining packagings are visually appealing to the public. If you can choose to make your own bag, you can even print your brand name, slogan and sales message onto the bubble poly mailers to advertise your products too.


The bubble padded poly mailer by itself is very sturdy, durable and strong. Buyer can indeed reuse them if they wanted. Also, they are composed of organic materials and are biodegradable. Moreover, they are highly recyclable if buyer can dispose them properly.

In a nutshell, we can sum up the advantages of using our suggested bubble poly mailers in the following few points:

- Plastic padded envelopes are designed with a shock-absorbing cushioned, robust side seams, and a seamless bottom to guard against damage. - They are extremely lightweight and resilient, and they retain their form well under pressure during transportation. Shipper can save lots of shipping cost.

- Bubble padded envelopes with poly surface outside are durable and can face tearing or puncturing. The surface thick plastic prevents contents inside being seen-through, ensuring that the item's contents remain entirely private and confidential.

In short, this bubble poly mailers are made out of a sturdy, puncture-resistant postal bag with air-filled bubbles. With its unique design and strength, it can for sure safeguard your goods from the dangers of shipping process. If you are looking for further customization like in design of the bag, size of the bag, thickness and design graphics, you are welcome to contact us at or visit Our packaging specialist will provide free consultation and advice for you in order to get you the best valued packaging product at the lowest price guaranteed.

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