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Why Shipping and Packaging List Envelope Is One of Most Important Parts of Shipment Process?

When it comes to a company's packaging and shipping issue, packing list envelopes are of one of the most vital part in the logistic process. Distribution centers and national postal mailing facilities hub both commonly use or/and accept self-adhesive-backed packaging envelopes to secure packaging lists, invoices, and other shipping details to the packages they proceed to ship. It is simple to recognize because they have black ink on bright orange panels, and packing list envelopes have standard descriptions.

What is the usage of a packing list and why people are using it?

A packaging list is a document that writes down all the important information about the shipment and the merchandise within the parcel. The information will usually includes the weight, size, quantity and other detailed description of the items in each package. The list will be put along with the parcel and onto the vehicle(s), railway, vessel or airplane.

In a nutshell, packing list is a thorough statement about the contents of the package and it can be used by the recipient to verify the contents inside. The seller creates it and either is inserted inside the package or attaches on the outside by a sticky bag (packaging list envelope). Depending on your shipment, packing slip envelopes are available in many styles to fit different documentation and shipping details.

Why choosing a quality and durable packaging list envelope is important?

An unlabeled transparent packing list envelopes can be used for securely insert invoices, memos, instructions, special note and anything else you can think of! Other Additional Special Application of Packaging List Envelope can includes:

- Material Safety Data Sheets Enclosed

- Warranty Information Enclosed envelopes

- Export Documents Enclosed envelopes

- Important Papers Enclosed" envelopes

- Instructions Enclosed envelopes

Shipping and packaging list envelopes improves communication between seller and consumer as well as the shipped (usually the seller too) and the shipping agent. Specifying product data, detailed shipping address, handling procedures, invoice and other special request and note can be put inside the envelope in order to ensure a smoother transit and delivery process.

In light of the above passage, plastic packing list envelope is a crucial secondary packaging material that hold very useful and important documents and information. The plastic bag protects the documentation from dust, filth and moisture and can hold many different documents in one place securely and tidily.

The transparent clear bag can efficiently show useful details about the shipment. With different closure like strong adhesive tape, the bag can keep all company and buyer's data private and safe. You can buy the packaging list envelope at relatively low cost to protect, secure the documents and information and at the same time enjoy safe and smooth cargo shipment at low costs. You can buy standard printed envelope at Amazon and here is some links for you to choose from:




However, if you want to further customise your packing bag by printing your own log and graphics onto it, you are welcome to contact our packaging specialist by visiting or email us at

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