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Why it is Good to Pack Food with Kraft Paper Bag?

This article is about the product "Kraft Paper Bags 100Pcs 4.5x2.36x9.6 Inches Tin Tie Tab Lock Bags White Window Bags".

If you are business owner or operation staff of a bakery shop or you simply have home-made some bread and cookies, it will be a good idea to have your food packed with Kraft paper bag.

But first of all, the White Kraft paper must be with food grade standard, ie, it is with laminated poly liner so that it can keep the food inside fresh. Also, it will not cause leaking of grease from butter cookies or oily bread. The food can stay intact and will not become sticky to the paper bag.

Also, it will be good to have the paper bag with a transparent window so that the food inside can be seen. Plus, if the bag is made with see-through window, it indeed can allow other multi-usage like putting other merchandises for showing off how pretty the items inside are. For example, you can put colorful candies or other various items with great colorful attractions so that people pass-by can see them too.

The bag not only is perfect for packaging food in the store; but can be used for many ways and in many other occasions like as gift away packaging in wedding party, holding your home-made food and cookies, putting roasted coffee beans or simply putting your treats to kids.

The bag is with tin tie secure closure and is very suitable for longer period of storage and still keeping item(s) clean, safe, fresh and tidy.

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A Short Summary About this Paper Bag:

- Tin Tie Bags Size: 4.5x2.36x9.6". Very nice for used as gift bags for 8oz roasted coffee beans, cookies, granola, trail mix, popcorn, candy bar, goodie and etc.

- Laminated Poly Liner keeps contents fresh. No grease from butter cookies leaking through, no cookies sticking to paper. No smearing or bleeding through when writing on the tin tie bags.

- Unique Coffee Bags Design. Metal tabs allow easy opening and a secure closure, suitable for storing. The viewing window is good for seeing your goodies. Using at wedding/ parties, the little party favor bags are better than plates or cups for the reason that guests could seal and take home.

- Multiple Uses. Not only a bakery bag, but also the window bag is perfect for holding handmade laundry soap, dog treat business, wax tarts and etc. You could put a logo sticker or some cute labels for a personalized touch.

- The bag is RECYCLABLE. These cookie bag is made of paper, just remove the tin tie and inserted laminated poly liner.

If you are further interested in making a custom printed Kraft paper bag, you can also choose to have the bag made with your own desired size, thickness, printing graphics and design. We can provide free advice, consultation, design and quotation for you upon request. Feel free to contact us at our contact page.

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