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What's so great about using Poly Mailers for shipping things?

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There are some obvious advantages using poly mailing and shipping bag, or poly mailers for shipment across the country or even internationally:

● Typically, the most inexpensive bag to use for shipment

● Weatherproof

● Light in weight and save you shipping fee

● Very thin that it is easy to store

● Though being thin, it is still durable to give strong protection

● Most of the time it can be reusable times and again

● Lighter weight than maximum different solutions

Great Value and Cost Saving

Poly bag is a by-product of crude oil and it is very cheap item you can buy from many places.

Lightweight mailers like delivery baggage lessen delivery expenses so that you can provide aggressive pricing on your clients. Concerning the shipping fee, weight is the handiest factor.

Poly mailers can maintain your whole package safely intact without much hassle. And it is always possible to use the poly mailer again.

What can I pack in Poly Mailer?

Poly mailers are almost good for anything you can imagine. From garment, fashion items to very tiny little things like accessories are suitable for using poly mailer for shipment.

If the merchandise has its own packaging, poly mailer can serve as an outer protection sheet and allow easier shipment.

If you look for extra protection, you can put bubble wrap or cardboard inside or even simply buy for bubble padded poly mailer too.

Can Poly Mailers Be Reused?

As defined above, poly mailers can commonly be reused as soon as after they have a tear strip. However, if the poly mailer can be made with double adhesive tapes and perforation, it will allow the recipients to open the bag without tearing off the bag. Therefore, it's very possible to use the poly mailer again.

I hope we have gotten you answers about poly mailers with this article. For ordering poly mailers for your business or home order now here.

Or if you want to make your own custom printed poly bag, custom sized poly bag, custom poly mailer, custom plastic mailing bag, you can feel free to contact us here or by emailing us at

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