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What is the Use of Printing Plate? Is it a must to make it when I order for custom poly bag?

1. Graphic Printing of a Plastic Bag or Poly Bag is made by using Copper / Metal / Rubber Printing Plate.

2. The Printing Plate is a Cylinder Shape Solid Metal or Material like picture as per below:

3. Copper / Metal printing plate is the best option to have your graphics printed onto the bag because it is a strong and durable material. It can resist higher fraction and pressure. Other material like rubber, after long hours of printing may be worn out and hence the printing graphics quality will be compromised.

4. The printing graphics is etched or engraved onto the plate. Again, if the material is strong and durable, it can have a deeper engraving image on it which will ensure a better printing quality.

5. As previously written above, some company may provide only rubber plate in order to save cost. However, in doing this, will sacrifice the printing quality. We hope that this piece of information will let you have better understanding about the printing plate and printing graphics. Please tell us what you need by sending email to us and we are ready to provide free advice, design and any further assistance on request.

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