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What is a Hot Stamp Printed Plastic Bag?

Hot stamps printed plastic bag or plastic bag with hot stamp printing is a kind of plastic bag being imprinted with a very thick layer of printing. This layer of printing is usually done by a skilled worker one by one and manually. The printed letter, logos or/and graphics, being a thicker layer, can be felt by the user quite obviously if one is touching the bag.

Here below is an example of such a hot stamp printing poly bag:

This method of imprint is, technically speaking, a not easy and usual way for printing the graphics onto the bag.

As stated above, the printing of the bag is done by a worker's handy-works and so it will cost higher in price. Also, as it is done by human, it will incur higher rate of mistake and thus, higher damage or under standard percentage.

This kind of bag will not be produced by most of the factories in North America, Europe or even Far East as it is not easy to hire the skilled workers to produce them flawlessly.

However, one can see that with such an imprint, the bag will look very grand and classy. The printing is considered the best printing quality to other currently used methods and render the best and most superior printing quality to the bag. It is very suitable for packaging very high-end product or one want to upgrade the business's brand and product by providing higher customer's satisfaction. Usually, buyers will choose to have their bag printed with either gold or silver so that the bag look really high-class in appearance.

If you are looking for a hot-stamped imprint plastic bag, hot stamp printing bag or hot stamp poly shopping bag, feel free to contact our packaging specialist at our page, we will be very happy to provide free advice and quotation for you.

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