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What do you need to do if you want to order a custom printed poly bag?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

If you want to make your own custom sized, custom graphics printed and branded bag, no matter it is a shopping bag, packaging bag, mailing bag or others, what you need to think of are simply the following:

1. What is the size?

What item(s) will be put into the bag? How large is it? How many items will be put into the bag on average?

2. What is the thickness of the bag?

It will be the same question to ask: What item(s) will be put into the bag? How heavy is it? The very basic rule of thumb is that the larger the bag, usually the thicker the bag will be.

3. Do you need custom printed graphics? If yes, how many colours will be printed? How many size will be printed?

Usually the answer will be very much within the three choices below:

- Single side printing;

- Two sides printing (same graphics); or

- Two sides printing (different graphics on the two sides).

4. Ordering quantity

Remember that the lower the quantity, the relatively higher the per unit price.

Our company has been established since 1966 and we accept relatively low MOQ for first trial order.

You are welcome to contact us at for advice and a quote.

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