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What are the Pros & Cons of Making Your Own Custom Promotional Bags

Most of us have entirely too much trash in our promotional shopping bags. Should I carry Staples' full pen collection, Macy's beauty counter, and loafers? Men, storing a year's supply of receipts in your messenger bag is a tad excessive. In spite of our different views and needs, we all share one thing in common. We do need our bags for carrying stuffs! Buyers enjoy bags, from high-end to promotional brands and products. The fact is that more than half of US customers own promotional bags at home.

So here comes the question: in which kind of bag should I place my company's logo? Let’s go for the promo bag its pros and cons. Also, let's discuss a little bit on what type of promotional bag should you use? How to choose between a high-end trade show bag and a low-cost promotional bag with a great return on investment.

1. Messenger Bag


Messenger bags are perfect for promotional street teams since they allow quick sample distribution from the inside.

- Ideal for high-traffic locations where convenience is a top priority for you and your staff.

- Business visitors require computers equipped with advanced security measures.

- Excellent for initiatives that recognize employees for their hard work.

- Conferences with a limited number of delegates.

- Using branded messenger bags in dealer and distributor programs can be one of the many advantages the bag offer.

- A medium-sized campaign or event is suitable for this bag.


Messenger bags aren't ideal for gift bags for important occasions because they can't carry all of your giveaways. Because of the top-folding flap, these are difficult to pack and don't sell well either. Long cross-body straps tend to tangle, making it harder for your personnel to distribute the bags to guests in a suitable way.

2. Backpacks


Suitable for reward systems, business presents, sporting teams of small to medium size, and educational organizations. They're a great giveaway for construction workers, educators, athletes, and anyone who travels a lot in the technology industry because of their durability.

Users are more likely to keep these bags than any other style. The general population views backpack as having a higher potential value.


Backpacks are a lot expensive than other types of bags. If you are given a limited tight budget, this type of bag may not be your choice. As a result of the high price, backpacking is most effective when you are focusing and targeting a smaller group of audience. The value of products given out to backpack recipients is modest, so you can choose a lower-cost option like a custom promo poly bag.

3. Handbags


For large-scale giveaways of branded handbags, choose conferences, social parties, grand openings, sporting events, and political campaigns. They are great for gift bags for charity events, fund-raising activities, and other special occasions. Because of their large "carry-all" design, handbags are incredibly popular among teachers and medical professionals. It's also a popular option among females. Choose a high-end model bag if you're selling to the medical or education sectors. Think about the aspects your target could like, such as functional, organized, or stylish. Handbags are an excellent choice for large-scale events because they are inexpensive.


Professional presentations, orientations, and conferences to make a good impression are all downsides of carrying a handbag. Reusable handbags are inexpensive and have a low perceived value in the eyes of the customer. If you want to improve the perceived value of your bag, go for a style that is made to last, has special performance characteristics, or is a fashion item.

4. Promotional Plastic boxes

Large print areas make advertising plastic bags walking billboards. Are they dependable marketing tools for consumers? No. They are a low-cost, short-term solution for gaining maximum attention and spreading awareness. Many people keep them after one trade show and use them to carry a beach towel or a scarf.


Trade events, political campaigns, and large giveaway campaigns benefit greatly from using a lightweight plastic bag on a financial and logistical level. The bags feature a small amount of stretch so that larger items can be carried within if necessary.

Customers prefer to utilize trade show plastic promo bags with strong snap handles, or soft loop handles for carrying their Gift than the cheaper die-cut handle bags. This is a fantastic function that's frequently ignored.


Plastic promotional bags are utilized for huge events where hundreds to thousands of bags are given away. It's rare to see advertising backpacks and messenger bags.

To be honest, these promotional bags are more likely to tear than rip-stop nylon or leather, but for what they are, it's hard to criticize them.

If you re looking for making your own promotional bag in poly, plastic, paper, cotton, fabric, non-woven or any other materials, please feel free to contact us at www.eplasticbag.com/contact, our packaging specialist can offer you free advice and quotation upon request.

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