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Using Bubble Mailer To Ship Your Goods

You run an online store or are considering to launch an ecommerce shop soon. You want to know more about your packaging and shipping material choice especially about bubble mailer and envelope, then you have come to the right place if you can spend 2-3 minutes to read on.

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Shipping Goods Safe

You have got your website done and have paid time, effort and time to advertise and market your website. You have got your orders flowing in. Your very last and yet one of the most important jobs is to make sure the goods are shipped to your customers' hands safe and intact. It will be pointless if you have done everything perfectly in your sales and marketing tasks and failed to deliver the goods promised. You will face complaints, exchange, returns and refund requests which eventually will make you lose profit. So, choosing your shipping and packaging materials are very substantial to your business.

Do I Need Bubble Padded Mailer For Shipping?

Bubble mailers and envelopes are featured with a poly or plastic surface and being padded with air bubble inside as a cushion for protecting the items being packed and shipped. You don't need this type of bag if your goods are document, magazine or something flat and intact. But if your goods are semi-fragile and delicate, bubble padded mailers are your top choice. The air bubble serve as a strong and excellent protection layer to safeguard your goods from puncture, pressure, water and tear . . . etc.

Another benefit of using bubble mailer for shipping is that it is relatively light in weight. The bubble inside is made with air tight technology and so it won't cause any extra weight to the parcel and package. This will ensure that you can have your goods shipped safely without spending a fortune as compared to other more expensive packaging like paper and carton box.

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Wanna Making Memorable Impression?

We know that first impression is also important because it is the moment whether your customer will be impressed and feel pleased with your goods. Our factory can offer affordable custom printed bubble mailer and other packaging. Upgrade your brand and create strong customer's loyalty by providing your goods with your custom logo and graphic poly mailer with bubble padded feature.

You can build up your brand awareness by ordering your custom white bubble mailers with us. We guaranteed to offer you lowest price in the market, free advice and graphic design service, no minimum ordering quantity (No MOQ) and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how you want to ship your items or products. Start with shipping with plain bag or custom bag are both okay as long as the goods can arrive there fast and safe.

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