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The Many Usages of Zip Lock Bag in Packaging Your Product For Shipment

Zip lock bag or zipper bag can be of many many uses. It come in handy and it is easy to use just by pressing the zipper and the item(s) inside is/are securely locked.

If you are online business seller that will always need to send out orders to customers or individual that want to ship some items or gifts to friends and/or family members, it is a good to consider using a zip lock bag to pack the item.

When you will ship your item, you will usually use a poly mailer bag. It is considered as the basic outer packaging and protection. And you will have the shipping label sticked or put onto it. Smaller businesses will simply buy and use plain standard size poly mailer. But of course, once their business and sales are growing, they will start buying custom printed poly mailer. The cost of making custom poly mailer is relatively cheap and it has great advertising effect and thus, in most case, it is very worth investing on this outer packaging. If you want to get some advice, low starting MOQ and lowest price guaranteed quotation, feel free to contact us at or simply visit our page here.

Why should you use a zip lock packaging in shipping your goods? It is a very subjective choice but mostly it is because your product need to be packed very properly. But zip lock bag is best for packaging the following item(s) for shipment:

- food, for example, candies and cookies . . . etc.;

- underwear like women's panties;

- garment like t-shirt or men's shirt;

- document, magazine, flyer or any print-outs and

- small fashion accessories and jewelry like earrings, pendant, chain, ring . . . etc.

You may noted that if you want to have your items to be tightly sealed so that it can be kept clean, waterproof, fresh and safe, packing them with a zip lock bag is a very good choice. If you want to buy for some standard zip lock bag, you can visit these few links for some discount options:

You may also consider to build up your brand image and upgrade your product's reputation, you have come to the right place. We at can offer custom sized, custom designed, custom printed zipper bag, zip lock bag for you with lowest price and lowest MOQ guaranteed. Email us at and we will provide what you need.

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