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The Many Benefits Of Making Your Own Custom Poly Mailers

Poly mailer bags are one of the undeniably important needs of twenty-first-century online businesses. So, is here to help your brand stand out, creating perfectly unique and customisable mailer bags to suit your exact needs. Read our article below to discover the benefits of making your own custom poly mailers!

Free Consultation

Firstly, creating your own custom mailer bag with is so fantastic because we provide free consultations to all of our enquiring customers. This allows you to fully discuss your creative ideas with the packaging specialist of our team who will be pleased to offer detailed advice, price estimations, and delivery arrangement.

By discussing these topics with our members, you will be able to design the perfect mailer for your items rather than using the boring non-customised standard plastic mailers you can bulk buy from the store.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Another benefit of making your own custom poly mailers is that they truly allow your business to stand out from the crowd. Say goodbye to blank mailer or standard pre-printed graphics printed mailers. Our poly mailers come in a variety of stunning colours and patterns according to your request.

Your own branded poly mailer with custom printed graphics also create and your brand, website and product own identity and upgrade your merchandise into another level with enhanced identity.

Free Design Service

When you contact our team for advice, we also offer free graphic design services. This can really elevate your brand, showing customers that you go the extra mile to improve their shopping experience. These exclusive designs will increase your likelihood for returning customers, good reviews, and will make your delivered items look much more professional!

Just a quick scroll through our site can show you the range and versatility of styles we can create. As long as you contact us with a simple idea in your head, we can deliver original poly mailer bags that truly compliment your brand.

Protecting Your Items

One of the most important benefits of making a custom poly mailer is that you can ensure the protection of your precious items when sending them to your clients. We can provide thick layered poly mailer or even cushioned air pockets (bubble padded poly mailer) plus the external plastic sleeves shielding your delicate items from harsh weather conditions, expected or unexpected pressure during transit, waterproof protection and other potential hazard or damage. You can be reassured that your product will arrive to your customer’s delivery address in its best condition possible.

Safety, Privacy and Confidentiality Ensured

The high-quality materials used also guarantee that the item will not be seen through the mailer bag. This allows for complete privacy, safeguarding any valuable items you may send. Our varied thicknesses allow for greater resistance to wear and tear. This gives the mailer bags a high quality and sturdy finish rather than looking cheap.

Custom Varied Sizing

Your product is an unique item with specific packaging and size. It will be best if you can get it with custom designed and sized mailer. We,, is more than happy to assist you for that. All you need to do is contact our team with the dimensions of the products you wish to send. Then, we provide you with ideally measured mailer bags for your items, tailored to perfection.

Ranging from XS to XXL or indeed technically speaking, we can accommodate your need in any possible sizes. Our customised mailers fit perfectly around your product to make sure that it’s not rolling around during delivery which may potentially cause damage.

No matter what you’re sending online, can help you to create the perfect poly mailer for your products. Check out our service by emailing us at or contact us at our web page.

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