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The Different Types of a Lip and Adhesive Tape Bag: Their Benefits, Usages and Costs

Lip and tape bags are with a lip or flap on one end or opening of the bags. A strip of glue with liners (adhesive tape) will usually be placed to the bag's lip so the sticky strip will not be exposed if the liner covering it has not got removed. To use it, one need to uncover the liner and then fold the lip onto the other side of the bag to close it.

Lip and tape bags is a substitute of other more expensive bag like zipper bags, zip lock bags, thermally sealed bags. Lip and tape bags are also called the "peel and seal bag" and "adhesive tape bag".

The Various Types of Tape and Liner

Tape for plastic bags may be produced in a various forms, shapes and sizes. Lip and tape bags can be made with different degree of "stickiness", depending on how strong the glue it is made. It can be produced with are resealable tape and lip. It can also be made with one-time adhesive tape.

Permanent Adhesive Tape

To use it, one has to remove the lining and fold its lip over there to attach to the opposite side of the frame to close it. This permanent adhesive tape, once enclosed, the lasting glue will not come loose from the bag. Using this kind of adhesive tape means the bag can only be used once. Because once the liner is removed and lip folded onto the other side of the bag, the bag us steadfastly sealed. The bag can't be opened except the poly film being torn apart. Usually, shipping bag and poly mailer for posting will use this kind of tape in order to protect the inside content's safety and the privacy of the buyer.

The cost for the permanent adhesive tape is a little bit higher than the resealable adhesive tape because it is made a strong adhesive tape.

Resealable Adhesive Tape

The resealable adhesive tape can be used for multiple times. Usually, you may seal up and re-open the bag at least 20-24 times after the first use. The environmental factors like the moisture and temperature during your transit and storage of the bag will effect the glue and thus, how many times you use the adhesive tape to reseal the bag.

The cost for the resealable adhesive tape is a little bit lower than the permanent adhesive tape because it is made a less stronger adhesive tape.

The plastics' self-sealing lip and tape bags are excellent for various applications, including packaged lunches, wraps, cakes, brownies, and more in restaurants, cafeterias, and other eateries. Because they load fast, close, and firmly, these bags are especially suitable for pre-packaging sandwich ingredients. Non-food items work well in self-sealing lip and tape bags. Your goods will look their best with clear and crisp lip and tape bags. They are very robust and do not readily tear, allowing you to quickly and cleanly pack or keep food or other goods.

This article should have given the reader some information about lip (flap) and tape bags. These bags are highly useful and popular for online store owner for shipping and packaging their goods in beautiful, tidy, and safe manner. This type of bag comes in handy and once the tape is applied at the middle of the lip, the tape is placed on the lip, and it's ready to go.

If you need some further information or want to make your own custom sized, custom designed and custom graphics printed lip and tape bag, self-sealing bag, poly mailer, shipping bag, postage bag or any bag you can think of, please feel free shoot us a note at or visit our page here, and our packaging specialist will be glad to assist you!

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