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Thank You Bags Shopping Bags Thick Merchandise Bags Soft Loop Handle Plastic Boutique Bags For SME

This article will tell you about the features and characteristics of a pre-printed Thank You Shopping Bag.

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Available for making with LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PE, PO . . . etc. for Virgin / New Material, Recycled Material, Mixture of Virgin and Recycled Materials, Degradable Material, Biodegradable Material or any other possible choices upon request


Soft Loop Handle for Easy Grabbing and Carrying


Bottom Gusset ensuring a larger space


Pre-Printed Thank You Message and Designed Graphic, available for custom design with preferred text, logo and printing

Size and Thickness:

Can be Customised Upon Request


The THANK YOU MERCHANDISE BAGS are made with handles for party favors at an upcoming birthday party, wedding, or baby showers; you can also use these plastic gift merchandise bags for your small business at retail stores, boutiques, and markets. The thank you bags have other options of different sizes or custom sizes which offer small, medium, large and extra large size for your different application, perfect for a wide variety of products like clothes, crafts, gifts, or any medium, small-sized merchandise.

If you are looking for ready stock shopping bag, or custom design shopping bag, custom printed poly shopping bag, can surely offer what you need.


Our shopping bags for business are made from the highest quality extra thick material to ensure products remain safely inside, the premium quality boutique tote bags will always stand out from other ordinary normal quality bags, you can feel the difference in thickness and quality of our bags against most of the cheaper bags on the market that are not as thick and durable.


The custom designed bags for packaging products will improve your customer's shopping experience and show your appreciation with your own design and logo.

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In a nutshell, these versatile cute design plastic gift bags with soft loop handles can also be used as shopping bags for merchandise, products at craft fairs, or packing cookies, candy, and desserts at a bake sale, they are also great as goody bags for showers, parties, and events.

Contact our Poly Bag Packaging Specialist for free advice and more details at our contact page:

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