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Supermarket T-Shirt Shopping Bag Poly Bag

The products above is usually called the Supermarket Poly Shopping Bag. But sometimes we will call them other names like Grocery Shopping Bag, T-Shirt Bag, Supermarket Bag, Vest Bag, Vest Carrier Bag and T-shirt Vest Bag.

Their names are used mainly due to their usual usage in the supermarket and grocery store and their appearance looking akin to a T-shirt and vest shirt.

They are commonly being used in the supermarket and grocery because they are one of the cheapest poly shopping bag in term of cost. They are mainly made with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with strong and durable texture in order to hold high stuffs while can still be made with thinner thickness to keep cost low.

The thickness of Vest Bag can be as thin as 0.015mm or 0.6 Mil which however, can still offer great strength to store and package heavy merchandise.

As they are made to use for packaging merchandise from grocery and supermarket, the bag in the past are made with the assumption that it will not be reused for many times.

The bag's T-Shirt and Vest appearance forming two easy handles for carriage and allow a side gusset for further depth for storing stuff.

It is one of the best choices for low budget packaging solution. Yet, it is not very good for branding building because it does not seem to be a good image booster.

Our factory has been producing the plastic shopping bag, polyethylene shopping bag, poly shopping bag, T-shirt shopping bag, Vest Shopping Bag, Vest Carrier Bag, Grocery Shopping Bag and all other kinds of plastic bag and packaging bag since the year 1966. If you have any need or interested to learn more about what we can offer, do feel free to contact us at our contact page: https://www.ePlasticBag.com/contact.

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