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Order Poly Bag with No MOQ and No Hassle

It could be extremely tiresome if you want to order custom plastic bags to meet your unique packaging needs, especially when you are looking for a relatively small starting-up order and yet most suppliers and manufacturers will require you to order for a minimum ordering quantity (MOQ).

The main reasons are that most manufacturers require a minimum ordering quantity as the production machine line need a standard operation cost to trigger. Also, distributor will usually order from overseas and it will cost more if a certain shipping volume weight does not meet.

Amongst high costs, long lead time and minimum order quantity request, it is absolutely nerve-taking to find the right supplier that can meet all your need. Fortunately, there are companies out there like us that are willing to discuss and work with your need.

See below if you want to know what to expect when you are in search of the right supplier for the plastic bag, poly bag or packaging.

Major Tips for Getting Your Custom Poly Bags without

Minimum Ordering Quantity (MOQ):

a. Understanding the Major Cost Factors

There are many elements that will affect the cost of poly bag:

- the size of the bag (larger bag needs more material;

- the thickness of the bag (thicker bag takes more material);

- the style of the bag complication of procedure in production process);

- various types of handle, loop, closure or seal on the bag (complication of manual labour procedure);

- the gussets (incurring extra labour work);

- printing graphics (a one-time set-up cost for printing plate, extra labour works and printing ink cost)

It is important to have your own design or at least some ideas about the design of the bag at the initial stage. Make up your mind with what your packaging could serve your purpose. Complicated design, printing and bag style will surely increase your cost. Lower the cost if needed by applying a simpler design. Further modify your bag's design to fit your needs by discussing with your packaging bag supplier.

The usual ways to cut the cost without highly affecting the bag's function, performance and durability are firstly, printing the bag with single color on single side and secondly, making the bag thinner.

A simple rule of thumb you can follow is that the higher quantity you order, the cheaper per unit price you will get for each bag. Discuss with the supplier for a optimal quantity and amount so that you can save every penny spent.

b. Knowing the Standard Lead Times

The more complexity your design is, the longer the production time you can expect for your order. Design your bag with your due date in mind. If with a tight timeline, you should then determine what is absolutely needed and what isn't.

Custom poly packaging bags are not standard, pre-printed and ready stock. Orders typically take an average of 4 weeks production lead time after the confirmation of the bag's design and artwork proof process. If you need it fast, you should raise this request in the early stage of discussion and be noted it may take you to pay for an extra fee for rush order.

In addition, remember that besides the initial draft design and discussion with supplier before the actual production process, in most case your order is produced overseas due to the relatively lower cost. You should ask for the actual transportation fee and time too.

Finding Custom Plastic Bags with No Minimum Order Made Easy!

If you’re a retailer, online store owner, purchasing manager or distributor trying to find custom plastic packaging bags and poly bag for yourself or your clients with no minimum ordering quantity, you have reached to the right place! ePlasticBag.com is your one-stop solution provider. Contact us or email us for more details and free advice any time.

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