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Metallic Bubble Mailers Bubble Padded Envelopes Gold Bubble Envelopes Mailer

This product is usually called the Metallic Bubble Mailers Bubble Padded Envelopes Gold Bubble Envelopes Mailer. They are made with snazzy matt metallic finish and its bubble inside the envelopes can provide ultimate protective measure for your mailing need. Buy for this product and mail your order or goods in style with their golden metallic bubble mailers design and we are sure you can catch the eye of your recipient.

Other Names: Metallic Mailers, Bubble Mailer, Bubble Padded Mailing Bag, Bubble Padded Mailer Bag, Metallic Bubble Wrapped Mailer, Bubble Padded Envelope, Metallic Bubble Wrapped Envelope, Bubble Wrapped Mailing Envelope, Bubble Wrapped Mailer Envelope . . . . etc.

Color: Metallic Gold

Material: Metal, Plastic / Polyester, Plastic Air Bubble

Size: Can be customized upon request

Thickness: Can be customized upon request

Seal: Peel and Seal with Strong and One-Time-Use Adhesive Tape for Easy Closure

Protection: Strong as with air bubble cushion for protection

Usage: Mailing, Shipping, Courier, Online Sales Packaging for all kinds of merchandise like DVD, Photo, USB, Book . . . etc.

If you want to buy for this product or add your customized text, graphics and logo onto them, please feel free to contact our packaging specialist at our contact us page.

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