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Go Plastic or not Go Plastic?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The ultimate solution to the environment is not a total plastic bag ban. This is only a very emotional yet too simple response which fails to strike at the heart of the issue.

Instead of a market-based solution, a ban shifts production to paper bags and compostable bags, both of which have heavy environmental consequences.

The solution is not switching to paper bags or compostable plastic bags. From a Boustead Consulting & Associates report that studies on the life cycle of three types of disposable bags (single-use plastic, paper, and compostable plastic) showed that both compostable plastic and paper bags require more material per bag in the manufacturing process. This means compostable plastic and paper bags will require larger consumption of raw materials and resources in the production and thus greater energy in bag manufacturing and greater fuel use in the transport of the finished product.

If the extra raw materials and resources of manufacturing compostable and paper bags are much higher than the plastic bag, should we simply go for a ban on the latter item?


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