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Is it Cheap to Add Die Cut Punch Hole Handle on Poly Mailer?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Poly Mailer Bag with extra feature of die cut handle is advantageous for client to carry the parcel or envelope alongside them. The typical plastic mailer delivering pack is essentially a pack with sticky tape on the top side.

The shipping mailer, once shut with the sticky tape, will be looking akin to a square or rectangular shape envelope. If you need to carry it along with you by hand, it is indeed not quite convenient as it lacks handle or carrier part like other shopping bag.

Adding a punch hole handle is useful for conveying the sack. This is generally excellent for the staff of the messenger (courier agency) or mailman. Additionally, in some cases, purchasers might decide to gather the bundle and envelope at the dispatch facility or mailing center. Poly mailer with punch hole handle will serve as a good feature for easy grabbing and carrying.

In case you need to make your own poly mailer, we believe it is worth adding the die cut handle onto it. The expense of this hole is exceptionally low as you only need to add a further length to the poly mailer (somewhere around 3 inch longer).

Assuming you need to make your own polymailer, plastic mailing bag, dispatch pack, postage bag and/or shipping bag, you can reach us here or email us straightforwardly at sales@eplasticbag.com, we will offer you free guidance, free design and direct factory price.

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