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Is Poly Mailer good for shipping Christmas gifts?

Poly Mailers are a popular option for many e-commerce sellers for a good reason and are available in a broad range of sizes. Poly mailers are less expensive, lighter, and take up less space than boxes. They're ideal for Christmas gifts items and work well with USPS or other courier shipping.

Poly mailers are ideal for sending non-fragile things that aren't also bulky or heavy. You can send everything from t-shirts to Pillows in a mailer envelope as long as you're mindful to utilize the appropriate packaging type.

Standard shipping in boxes might be time-consuming and unnecessary in some situations. Is it essential to ship non-fragile things in large, heavy boxes if you're shipping them internationally? Ecommerce shipping demands cutting costs wherever possible rather than cutting corners, and one way to do so is to reduce the amount of money spent on expensive packing.

On the other hand, Poly mailers are a surprisingly affordable alternative to standard packing while also taking up less space and being easier to transport.

4 Main Reasons to Why You Should Use Poly Mailers to Ship Christmas Gifts

Poly mailers are lightweight, durable plastic bags used to ship products that are not too fragile and are not too heavy. In comparison to standard packing, they are a fantastic option. The fact that they are inexpensive and take up less room on carriers' vans while in route allows them to assist e-commerce companies in lowering their packaging and shipping expenses.

1. They are cost-effective.

The most significant advantage of poly mailers is, without a doubt, their price. While mailer boxes of similar size can cost as much as $1.25 or more per unit, especially when purchased in bulk, the cost of a similar size box can be as low as $0.50. When ordering in quantity, however, poly mailers are often only approximately $0.25 per unit, saving you a lot of money comparatively.

2. They are simple to brand and customize.

In the same way that poly mailers are reasonably priced, they are also very easy to modify. Ship Station understands how important it is to provide a branded shipping experience, whether it is for a routine cargo or a monthly subscription package. Customizing poly mailers for Christmas gifts is also significantly less expensive than rigid boxes, a significant benefit.

Companies allow you to create unique poly mailers for as little as a dollar per piece of mail. If you order in large enough quantities, they may be purchased for less than $0.25 per piece. You only need to upload your design, and they will print and ship it to you for free!

3. Poly mailer packaging is saving space.

Boxes take up a lot of room, even when they are packed. Poly mailers, on the other hand, take up almost no space at all! When you're in a hurry to finish packing and start setting out your packaging, recently built cardboard boxes might clog your warehouse floor, making your workspace feel like an uncomfortable obstacle course to navigate.

In contrast, poly mailers boxes stack easily and do not require the setup that is needed by boxes. As a result, you can pack more packages in less time.

4. They are frequently employed.

Some merchants may be uncomfortable with the idea of using something that appears to be so lightweight. At the end of the day, poly mailers are just very cost-effective and widely available.

Most people who have ordered from Amazon have received a mailer envelope due to their purchase. So don't be concerned about delivering brown paper packets tied with string every time; a couple of your favorite things have previously been delivered in plastic envelopes.

I need poly mailers for Christmas gifts, but where can I get them? Poly mailers may easily be found. You may get a box of them at supermarkets or online, or other large retailers. However, purchasing this item from a site like Amazon.com or order your custom printed bag from us is more fiscally sustainable.

Aside from ensuring you have additional supplies in case of an order increase, buying in bulk also offers superior volume deep discounts.

The Final Thought:

Poly mailers protect your Christmas gifts while also lowering your shipping costs. Comparing poly mailers to boxes, poly mailers are less expensive for each shipment because of their lightweight and small size.

If you want to order some standard pre-printed poly mailer, you can visit this link below from Amazon.com:


Or if you want a more lower price, better quality and custom-made (your custom required size and printing graphics), you are welcome to contact our packaging specialist by visit our page: www.eplasticbag.com/contact.

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