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If I want to order custom bag. What kind of information do I need to tell the supplier?

If you want to order your own custom sized, custom printed poly bag or plastic bag. You need to let your supplier, ie, us to know the following info:

  1. What kind or style of bag you need? Let us know the design or function of the bag. Is it for packaging during transit like a poly mailer, shipping bag and courier bag? Or is it used for holding merchandise after customer's purchase like a shopping bag?

  2. How many pieces you want to order? Quantity is important because it will affect the per unit cost. The larger the ordering quantity, the lower the per unit cost and vice versa.

  3. Custom Printing of Graphics How many color you need to printed onto the bag? How many sides will be printed? Again, the more color and side to be printed the higher the cost the bag will be.

  4. Thickness (implying the tear resistance and appearance) As simple as that is the thicker the bag, the strong the bag can hold for. Also, if the bag is made thicker, it will have a better look, feel and touch. However, then again, if the bag is made thicker, it means it used more raw materials and cost higher transportation fee.

If you want to know more about your desired bag price or need some more information and advice, please feel free to contact our packaging specialist at our contact page.

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