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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

About Us

Our group of plastic shopping bag manufacturing business started in the year 1966 in Hong Kong. With our predecessors’ persistent effort and insightful vision, we built the company into a factory with modernized facilities and 500+ skilled workers.

With 50+ years of plastic shopping bag and packaging manufacturing and selling experience, we aims to provide total solution to our customer with competitive price and reliable quality. We strive to give our customers trusted, stable and reliable quality product as well as cost effective solution. With our tracks of history in manufacturing and providing quality products to all the big names in the market, you can rest assured that you will only get the best from the best. Our valuable customers are from worldwide, namely, Europe, Asia, Middle-East and North America whom including governments, airlines, multi-national fast food stores and national chained stores.

Service Pledge

What customers can expect from us?  

We will:

- be friendly, polite, helpful, attentive and considerate at all times;

- provide punctual answers to questions; 

- give precise, accurate and clear information and avoid jargon or technical terms;

- be open and honest about what we can and cannot deliver;

- get back to you when we say we will, and advise you of our progressandwhen we are taking longer than anticipated to address an issue;

- offer only the best and stable quality product.

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