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Die Cut Plastic Shopping Bag, Die Cut Punch Hole Poly Bag

Listed beneath is a series of pictures of Die Cut Plastic Shopping Bag and Die Cut Punch Hole Poly Bags.

This kind of bag is good for retailer and boutique owner who sell tangible stuffs.

This bag is printed with white graphics logo on a black background.

The D-cut-shape punch hole is easy for buyer to grab the bag.

The bottom of the bag is tightly heat-sealed.

The bag is made with high quality poly / plastic material and it is very durable and resistant to tear and weight.

This bag can be customised with your own logo and graphics printed, and in any size, thickness and design.

If you are thinking of making your own custom printed, custom graphics printed die cut plastic shopping bag and d-cut punch hole poly shopping bag for a small MOQ to start with, please feel free to contact us at www.eplasticbag.com/contact or email sales@eplasticbag.com.

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