Die Cut Folder-Over Handle Plastic Shopping Bag

This is a "Die Cut Folder-Over Handle Plastic Shopping Bag and Poly Bag.

This is a standard die cut handle punch hole shopping bag with an added feature of fold-over layer of poly sheet on the top.

The fold-over layer is produced by elongating the top length of the bag.

The extra length will be made to be folded back in the inner top part of the bag

This creates a double layers of poly sheet in the punch handle area on the top of the bag.

Therefore, the top part handle is being strengthened with extra layer of poly sheets.

The bag's stronger strength and resistance will mean it gains the power to hold heavier item(s).

This is a cheaper method to make the bag with stronger resistance and holding weight as compared to making the whole bag thicker.

If you would like to know more about producing your own custom printed bag at cheaper way, you are welcome to contact us at www.eplasticbag.com/contact.

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