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Custom Printed Plastic Bag Cost Factors You Need to Know

1. Plate Charge / Set-up Fee For each printed color on each side of the plastic bag, we will need one metal plate. The more color incurred, the more printing plate will be needed.

The cost of printing plate on average is around US$100.00 per plate. However, if the printing coverage is larger, a higher fee will be charged.

2. Film Material Cost

The film material cost is simply that if a customer needs a bigger and thicker bag, then we will need more material. In a nutshell, the bigger and thicker the bag, the more material is needed and thus, a higher cost.

3. Printing Cost

Similar to the film material, we will need more ink and printing procedure if we have more color to be printed onto the bag. The more color and bigger the graphics to be printed on each side, the more ink and procedure will be undertaken.

If you want to create your own branded, custom printed bag, feel free to contact us at

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