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Clear Glossy Durable Polypropylene Bags with Resealable Adhesive Tape Fitting in Size 10 x 13 inch

This item can be purchased here or visit

This article is about "Clear Resealable Polypropylene Bags PP Bags Fitting 10 x 13 inch with Self Sealing Adhesive Tape Closure x200 pieces".

The PP bags are super easy to use and really affordable! The seal is strong, look and work very professionally. The bags were tear resistant and don’t appear to be easily broken. The bags's outlook are shiny and super see-through.

More feature about this Self Sealing Closure Bag are listed as follows:

- Specifications: 10” X 13 inch Resealable Polypropylene Bags

- Self Sealing Strong Adhesive Tape Closure.

- 1.4 Mil Thickness.

- 200 Pack.

- Fits 10X13 inch Prints & Photos: the sleeves are designed to fit 10" X 13" items.

- Made to be slightly thicker than the “Food Grade” poly bags.

- The ideal choice for packaging & mailing.

- Easy Peel & Seal: Simply peel to expose the adhesive, and plastic bags will be self sealable within seconds.

- With resealable adhesive allowing for easy access to the bags’ contents and are perfect for direct mail & packaging merchandise, flyers and print-outs.

- Sparkle: Have your item sparkle with our crystal clear, glossy bags. Perfect for showcasing artwork, handmade gifts and other merchandise.

- Perfect for showcasing food or merchandise fitting the specific size.

- Build Lasting Impressions of the item(s) inside

- Providing countless ways to stand out with your retail, shipping, and packaging supplies.

If this is a product you are looking for, visit to make the purchase at a great price.

Also, there are other sizes available for you to select from.

Lastly, if you are looking for further customisation on size and custom printing, you can visit or email for free advice and quotation.

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