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China National Day Holiday in October 2021

This is to inform our partners, buyers and potential customers that our factories and related operation offices will have a holiday period from 1 October until 5 October 2021 for celebrating the China National Day.

Our factories' main production lines will be closed but will retain a very minimal operation during these few days holidays. However, our sales office and customer service department will still be at work 24/7. All emails will be answered and we will reply to all message as usual within 12-24 hours.

A special note may be drawn to your attention that indeed, every year, our China National Day Holiday period will be slightly different (actually, mostly all our China national holidays are) from the pervious year.

The actual days and period for a holiday vary because the common practice is that we encourage to have the day-off period consists of a consecutive period of days for our employees. Therefore, we will adjust our working days on or before the national holiday so that sometimes we may have working days on Saturdays and Sundays on or before national holidays in order to ensure a consecutive days of day-off.

The reason for this practice is due to the fact that most of the employees in China have their job in a different province or city other than their hometown. A longer period of consecutive rest days can give them the chance and ample time to travel back to the hometown city to visit their friends and family members. Also, consecutive days of holiday can let people to plan for travel and holidays with flexibility and in return encouraging a higher propensity to spend more money and boosting the GDP.

Hence, it is why sometimes we call the holiday period a golden week holiday for we may have consecutive day-offs for a week of time.

The exact resting days for each national holiday by each different factory and business may vary slightly basing on their own sole discretion. Please ask your supplier(s) beforehand for their respective specific arrangement of their holidays.

Once again, we would like to let our buyers know that our sales office staff are still in office during holidays 24/7 and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or our contact us page here.

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