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Backpack Style Poly Bags and Shoulder Tote Plastic Bag

This is one of its kind poly bag. It is called the Backpack Style Poly Bags and/or Shoulder Tote Plastic Bag.

This is a style of plastic bag not very commonly made and ordered by most of the customers and distributors.

This style of back pack plastic bag or poly bag will have two strings on the two sides of the bag. It is indeed functioning exactly like a backpack only the difference is that the former is made with thicker material like nylon, leather . . . etc. while the latter is made of poly or plastic material.

This kind of backpack bag is good for being used as a promotional item by itself or a tool for holding promotional items.

The backpack bag is usually made with relatively large size so that more promotional items can be put inside easily.

Mostly it is well designed and made relatively durable and so the target audience will keep it for recurring use. Thereupon, the bag will be used times and again. It can promote the brands and/or products for a lasting period of time.

If you are looking for a bag to put your promotional items and/or products inside or simply use the bag as a promotional item, the backpack style of poly bag and plastic bag could be one of the first few choices.

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