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A Cheap and Easy Solution for Packaging and Storage Trivial Things & Merchandise

Ever want to pack or store trivial things but don't have the bags to use? Are you online store owner selling some garment and need some good packaging for shipment of your goods? A cheap and handy solution to your trouble is applying the use of clear self-sealing poly bag.

These clear poly self sealing poly bag has many features which we are listing below:

SPECIFICATIONS - Clear plastic self-seal poly bags. 1.5 Mil Thickness being made with high quality virgin plastic.

TAMPER EVIDENT – Highly durable and resistant to tear and pressure. Protecting your items from dirt, heat, water and moisture while showcasing them clearly.

HANDY – Simply peel the strip away from the adhesive and press close to lock in the seal.

PERFECT FOR FBA – Use for all retail, storage, and packaging needs. Clear poly front and back allows for easy viewing of packaged items.

COST SAVING - Strong and durable yet it is very light in weight. Ensuring your shipping costs low. Easy storage and saving your space in your facility.

VARIETY – Having a large selection and assortment of mailers and shipping supplies available in many different colors and designs: White/Grey, Pink, Polka Dots, Thank you, Flamingos, Rose, Pineapple, Hearts, and more!

This Clear Plastic Self-Seal Poly Mailer Bags are excellent for protecting your goods during transportation and have a wide range of applications. Even though you cannot always be there in person with your consumers, there are additional measures you can take to ensure that your e-commerce company exceeds customer expectations and provides excellent goods. The customer's initial impression of the physical goods happens as soon as they are delivered to them.

If you need to make your own custom printed self-seal poly bags, you are welcome to email us directly at for further advice and quotation.

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