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9" x 12" Black Crocodile Skin Graphics Printed Die Cut Plastic Boutique Bag Read Stock at Low Price

This is a 9" x 12" Black Crocodile Skin Graphics Printed Die Cut Plastic Boutique Bag Read Stock at Low Price. It has Die Cut Punch Hole Handles which are very good for any boutique and retailing store to use for packing merchandises and items for sale.

This product can be purchased at the Amazon Affiliate Link here: .

This bag come with a choice of 100 pieces per order. If you want to buy for this 100 pieces pre-printed, 9x12 inch ready stock die cut handle poly shopping bag, you can go to this this affiliate link at the Amazon online store listing listed

General Usage

- Great for retail store packaging merchandises and goods for sales.

- Fashion shop, boutique, gift store, toys shop and all kind of retailing shop use the bag as buyer's shopping bag.

- Can be used as promotional bag in exhibitions and trade shows for holding document and giveaways.

- Perfect for a department store or small business to use as a treat bag or gift bag.

Characteristics & Benefits

- Made from Plastic or Polythene (Poly);

- Easily packing solution for any small, light weighted items like gifts, general goods, small merchandises, garment and fashion, sports wear and goods, healthcare, cosmetics, salons products, toys and even department store merchandises.

- Retail shopping bag with die cut handles, die cut punch holes for easy carrying.

- Lower price point as compared to other kind of shopping bag options.

- Can easily be customized with designed symbols, logos, texts, specific graphics on the bag.

- Can easily be customized in various sizes, thickness, colors and printing if wanted.

- Can be made with side and/or bottom gussets for larger holding space.

- Can be made with strong and durable holding strength by making fold-over handle (two layer of poly sheets on top part) or simply paste reinforced poly sheet as patch handle.

- Customised and personalised modern design and printing to improve consumer's shopping experience.

Fully Customisable Poly Shopping Bag at Your Choice

At, we can provide this die cut boutique bag and shopping bag in superior quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As a plastic bag factory, we are able to provide OEM and ODM product and service as per request.

Just specify the size and style you will need and with your chosen materials, (recycled, virgin new, biodegradable or a mixture of them)

Fully basing on your design and requirements, our skilled workers from our 50+ experience factory is able to customise on wide range of shopping bags and retail bags. Contact our packaging specialists at

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