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We are premium supplier and reliable manufacturer that offers quality custom sized and printed Plastic Bag (Poly Bag) since the year 1966.

ePlasticBag.com has been established since the year 1966.  We have made and sold plastic bags for more than half a century. We operate our sales offices and factories in Hong Kong SAR, China and Myanmar (Burma) and produce quality product and service worldwide. Please feel free to email us at sales@ePlasticBag.com.



A Wide Selection of Plastic Bag

Modern Factories

Our factories have implemented state-of-the-art machinery which includes fully automatic soft-loop handle carrier making machine, fully automatic glued patch automatic carrier making machine, computerized printing machine, multi-layer extruders, etc. from overseas. Also, our R&D team continuously research on developing new products and in order to be staying ahead of the fast-changing market.

Quality Products

We can provide various plastic bag products and accommodate customer’s individual need such as relatively short lead time, low minimum ordering quantity (low MOQ) and small run trial ordering quantity. The plastic bag we can produce are: Vest T-Shirt Bag, Grocery Shopping Bag, Mailer Bag, Shipping Bag, Postage Bag, Die Cut Bag, Soft Loop Bag, Hard Rigid Loop Bag, Bag with Side Gusset, Bag with Bottom Gusset, Packaging Bag, Draw String Bag . . . etc.

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Quality Poly Mailer Shipping Bag for Online Store

Poly Mailer, Poly Shipping Bag or Poly Mailing bag is among the best selling products we supply. A custom printed poly mailer can boost your brand awareness and sales for your online store. Contact us to make an order for your customised bag at our low MOQ. We guarantee you won’t be able to find better price and quality anywhere.


Plastic Bag for General Merchandise

Shopping Bag is the most commonly used packaging bag for merchandise. No matter your company is a boutique store, supermarket, department store, or even a restaurant, you will need a custom printed and custom sized bag to pack your product for your customers.


50+ years of Experience (Since 1966)

If your business requires amazing quality products and custom packaging to boost sales and establish brand awareness at an unbeatable market price, you’ve come to the right place. ePlasticbBg.com can offer incredible service and products to you. Give us a message to see what we can do for you right away.



Plastic Bag Manufacturer & Supplier Since 1966

ePlasticBag.com is one of the online flagships of our plastic bag manufacturing business that has been established since the year 1966.  We have made and sold plastic shopping bags for more than half century.

We operate our sales offices and factories in Hong Kong, China and Myanmar (Burma). The company also sells the products to both distributors and retailers worldwide. Our professional sales and customer service teams are ready 24x7x365 to assist all buyers in every way.  

We strive to provide world class service for every order, large or small. Whether we are working with an individual client or a company, we guarantee you will receive only the best quality products and service while at the same time still keeping the prices competitive. Let us know what we can do for you today and feel free to email us at sales@ePlasticBag.com.



Interested in knowing more and doing business with us? We are eager to provide free advice and quotation.  Our business hours are Monday to Saturday: 8am-8pm. Get in touch with us today.

Sales Office: Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China
Factories: Shenzhen, China & Myanmar

Tel: (852) 2730-2862 / WhatsApp: (852) 6888-0707

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